Book Review: I Don't Have Time by I.M. Free

Title: I Don't Have Time

Author: I.M. Free

Publisher: iUniverse

Genre: Biography

Format: Ebook

When she was in her early thirties, the author realized something was guiding her. Suddenly, a whole new world opened up.

She had never considered herself an atheist, but she had always questioned the stories in the Bible as she thought it was impossible for anyone or anything to have so much power.

But through her own experiences, she learned something really does have that much power. She became one of the few people throughout time who began communicating directly with God.

Sometimes when the author awakens, she knows something she didn’t know before she fell asleep. She feels things she wasn’t aware of before. This is how God protects her and prepares her for life.

I Don’t Have Time is the story of how God found the author and how she realized that while some people live as though they won’t face consequences for their actions, they could not be more wrong. Even if they don’t pay the price in this lifetime, they will in the next.

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I have been what I would consider spiritual for quite a few years now. I was raised in a Catholic family but upon reaching adulthood found that it just didn't fit my belief system. When I read the premise of this book it resonated in me and I knew that i had to read it.

While this book didn't change how i think I did find it extremely interesting and somewhat relatable. No matter what your background or beliefs, you might really find this book quite interesting.

The author does a great job of writing this so it is easy to read and follow her path. I would recommend highly.

I.M. Free nearly gave up on life as a teen living with an alcoholic parent, but at just the right time, a voice saved her life. That voice led her to a close relationship with God,who she now thinks of as her friend and confidant. She wrote this book so that others will find Him.

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